Plastic pollution

What is plastic pollution?

Plastic pollution is pollution from plastic that effects animals and the ocean. So how does this actually affect our wildlife and oceans?


Wildlife is a very important part of our world they provide food and clothes for us, so what happens if they all become extinct.We would have a very slim chance of surviving. Yet what could humans be possibly doing that could make this happen?  plastic polluting. When we litter the packets of light plastic can easily get picked up by the wind, this gets in our oceans and sees. Our poor wildlife mistake this for food and eat it since its in the ocean or has been in the ocean. It is also quite toxic for them to eat and the most probably couldn’t survive. if we eat these animals we could easily get sick.

Oceans and Sea

Our oceans and seas are very important, its a home to our sea creatures. This is a big part of Australian tourism, so we need to keep it safe. by plastic polluting we are increasing the percent of the ocean becoming acidic and killing the living creatures in it.

How do we stop plastic polluting?

its actually quite simple all we need to do it use reusable containers, bags and bottles or anything that can be made in non plastic form.

Hope your now informed 🙂

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200 word story challenge!

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